Install Info

General Tach-MateTM Installation steps:
  1. Select mounting location(s) for Control box and switch panel or remote switches.
  2. Attach switch panel or remote switches, within reach of the driver.
  3. Secure the Tach-MateTM control box within reach of wiring and switches.
  4. Connect wiring harness as follows:

    RED 12 volt power (will run on 9.6 - 18 volts, 12 volts recommended)
    BLACK GROUND For best results, ground to battery or chassis
    Typically, the existing connection from engine/coil to tach is disconnected and the YELLOW from signal into Tach-MateTM replaces one side, with the GREEN from Tach-MateTM to the tach replacing the other side.
    AXLE SENSOR INPUT Connect to WHITE wire of Tach-MateTM axle sensor cable
    LAP TIMER INPUT Connect to signal wire of external lap timing receiver.

  5. Secure the 6-pin wiring harness connector into the 6-pin receptacle (right side of control box).
  6. Secure the 8-pin switch connector into the 8-pin receptacle (left side of the control box).
  7. Apply power to Tach-MateTM and the tachometer.
  8. Run SELF-TEST to confirm correct wiring. DO NOT START ENGINE AT THIS TIME!!
Additional steps are required for installation of MAGNETO systems, Inductive Pickups, Axle Sensors, Tach Amplifiers, and Analog sensors and converters.

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