Options and Prices

Tach-MateTM Configuration:

1. CHOOSE the BASE 8-minute SYSTEM for your Racing Needs:

B. ENGINE RPM with 'noisy' ignition systems (or other forms of RF interference) $219.95
C. Basic system, to record ENGINE RPM from your MAGNETO-based racer $249.95

2. SELECT built-in OPTIONS:
Tach-MateTM control boxes are built to withstand normal racing conditions. Our electronics are sealed in a flexible epoxy to protect them from heat, moisture, dirt and vibration. While this makes each Tach-MateTM control box rugged enough for most races, it also makes it impossible to upgrade with added features.

Please take this into consideration when designing your system and placing your order.
A. Low-cost MEMORY Upgrade: Increase total recording time to 30 minutes ... add $30.00
Recommended Memory Upgrades: Non-volatile memory AND increased total recording time. Select 2, 4, or 8 short recording sessions or a single recording session up to the total time limit.
B. RETAINED MEMORY - 32-minutes' total recording time ... add $55.00
C. EXTENDED MEMORY - 128-minutes' total recording time ... add $80.00
D. PC Upload System:
Transfer your Tach-MateTM data to your personal computer to see it all graphically. This option includes built-in electronics to reformat data for transfer from Tach-MateTM to your PC, as well as the cable to connect them, and our own display software. TACH-MATETM LINKTM runs under WindowsTM, allowing you to view data from one or more race sessions at once.

With TACH-MATETM LINKTM and WindowsTM on your PC, you can save performance data from race to race, track to track, and season to season. Compare them side by side to really tune your racer!

  ... add $125.00

Click here for FREE demo of this presentation software, along with sample data files.
E. Lap Timing input *
With an external lap timing device connected to your Tach-MateTM system, this option will insert lap markers into the dataset, along with the engine RPM and axle RPM (if collected). Up to 100 laps on the basic 8-minute model.
    ... add $15.00
This DOES NOT include the lap timer
F. MPH Recorder *
With an external sensor (sold in section 3, accessories), this will record axle, drive shaft or wheel speed. Note: overall recording time will be reduced with this added input.
... add $15.00
This DOES NOT include the axle sensor (3C)
G. Drag Race version of MPH Recorder *
With an external sensor (sold in section 3, accessories), this will record axle, drive shaft or wheel speed. AND recording frequency is the same as crank revs! Total recording time will be reduced by 65% to allow for more dense/frequent data.
... add $25.00
This DOES NOT include the axle sensor (3C)
H. Analog Inputs - one or two *  
This option allows you to collect the data you really want! A few examples of data that can be captured and displayed on your PC are: oil or fuel pressure, throttle position, exhaust gas temperature, and cylinder head temperature.

  1. Internal configuration only ... add $15.00 each
  2. Converter and wiring harness ... add $75.00 each
  3. Sensor and cables call for pricing

* PC Upload System required with these options, E - H

I. Driver for Jr. Dragster Tachs  
  This option will make Tach-MateTM drive your Jr. Dragster tachometer
    ... add $15.00
J. Digital Replay  
  Make Tach-MateTM data easier to view on your Digitron tach, within the tach's display limitations.
    add $15.00

Tach-MateTM control boxes are designed to work with some additional accessories which can be integrated into your system at any time.

A. Link-Mate  
This box extends the memory of any Tach-MateTM unit, by letting you clear and re-use the Tach-MateTM memory segments without losing your data. It allows you to save your data until you are back at your PC - instead of having to take your PC to the track.
  32-minutes ... $135.00
  128-minutes ... $180.00
B. Kart Wiring Harness  
  This harness makes wiring the Axle sensor, Lap Timer and Engine RPM leads much faster and simpler for Karts.
C. Axle Sensor with 2 Magnets
  This sensor and magnet system are the data collection points for getting axle (or driveshaft) RPM. $50.00
  Integrated cable to reach from sensor to Tach-MateTM control box $0.20 / foot
  Extra magnets $8.00 each
D. NiCd Batteries and Chargers  
  Rechargeable battery pack, with enough power to drive Tach-MateTM for data collection.
  Battery ... $25.00
  Charger ... $15.00
E. Extra-long RS-232 cable  
  Non-portable PC in the trailer? Use our extra-long RS-232 cable to connect it to the Tach-MateTM unit in your racer to transfer and save data.
    $15.00 plus 0.20 / foot
F. Analog Sensors  
  EGT probes, in diameters of 1/8 or 1/4 inch and lengths of 2 - 12 inches Pressure transducers from zero to 30 or 80 psi standard ... others available to 2500 psi. CHT thermocouples and other sensors subject to availability.
    ~call for pricing~