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Tach-Mate TM allows you to transfer your Tach-MateTM or Winning EdgeTM data to your personal computer to save it indefinitely and to view it graphically. Data files can be analyzed individually or side-by-side to track performance from session to session or season to season.

The installation is downloaded as a single installation file and can be taken to another computer via a CD-ROM. At the end of the installation, you will be prompted to view a “ReadMe” file. This file contains the enhancements and bug fixes for the current release.

<< See specific installation instructions below >>

You can use this information to assess your engine acceleration, gearing, cornering speed and overall performance. It may also provide some insight into your driving characteristics, such as braking, accelerating and cornering.


Version 3.2H
Minimum System Requirements:
Windows  95, 98, ME or XP
8 MB Memory, 20 MB Disk Space

Download Size: 15.6 MB
Download Time: 49 min (56K)



Tach-Mate TM Link TM can be installed one of three ways. The first is the program and all of the sample files (11 in total). The second is to install just the program and the last is to select any combination of the program and sample files.

Installation Instructions

If you downloaded the single file installation,  just run (double-click) the self-extracting installation archive. If you wish to install on another computer, copy the file to a CD and run the installation on that computer.

The installation will create a directory or folder named TACHMATE as well as a CZECHMATE program group.


Tach-Mate TM Link TM comes with a complete, on-line help system. To learn the minimum settings to begin viewing your own track data, you can view the Quick Use Document. ( PDF Format | HTML Format)


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