Users Guide

General Tach-MateTM Usage Instructions:

  1. Start the engine.
  2. Apply power to your tachometer and Tach-MateTM control box.
  3. Click and release the RESET switch to begin recording. In models with non-volatile memory (blue and white wires visible under the lid of the control box and model numbers beginning with 32 or 2H), this will cause the tach to jump to about 7000 RPM and fall back to zero. This is a signal that existing memory is being scanned and erased.
  4. RACE!!
  5. Click and release the HIGH RPM switch to end recording and display the HIGH RPM encountered since clicking the RESET switch.
  6. Select REPLAY SPEED (slow = half time NORMAL= actual or FAST = double time).
    (This speed can also be changed during replay)
  7. Click and release REPLAY to display the recorded engine RPM on the attached tachometer. This step can be repeated as often as desired, unless/until RESET is activated to erase and record over this data. If available, the PC interface can be done at any time after step 5 to copy the recorded data.

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