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At Czech-Mate Enterprises, we recognize that there are benefits to using technology in all types of racing - with or without big-money sponsorship. We've developed our Tach-Mate TM line of data acquisition systems to be with reach of all racers, regardless ofracing venue or budget. We've also heard the requests for data acquisition thatis easy to operate and will provide the DATA YOU NEED in a FORM thatYOU CAN USE.

We can provide LOW-COST DATA ACQUISITION, with a minimum of 128 minutes' total recording time. Our easy-to-use DISPLAY SOFTWARE is WindowsTM-based, including on-line help. Our software is ALWAYS FREE.   In fact, you can  download our software, along with sample data files, elsewhere on this website.

Our system works with virtually any type of motorsports racing: cars, trucks, karts, sleds, motorcycles, tractorsand even magnetos. Come on in and czech us out!

Primary Products:

  Tach-Mate TMis a small device that is easily installed in race vehicles with existing analog tachometers, to add complete memory.  It is far more than just HIGH RPM - any   tell-tale tach can do that!  TACH-MATETM records all the RPMspassed to your tach - just as you would see them, if you could watch the tachinstead of the track - at a minimum rate of 30 times per second, and saves it untilYOU are ready to study it... safely, out of traffic, off the track.                                      

To really optimize the results, add options such as an RPM sensor on the axle, drive shaft or wheel, and analogsensors for data such as exhaust gas temperatures and oil pressure or throttleposition - all in the same data file (and time synchronization) as engine andwheel performance.  Our PC upload and graphic presentation software isincluded with every system.      

YES!!   The Tach-Mate TM  data acquisition systems also work with MAGNETOs!!

Trac-Mate TMis REAL Traction Control, without creating audible engine mis-fire!! It does NOT affect throttle or braking. It does NOT require a PC for setup or use. The driver retains ultimate control. For OFF-ROAD use only, on asphalt or dirt tracks.

Winning EdgeTM... our BIG system:  Data Acquisition for SERIOUS RACERS.  This system can capture up to 32different channels of data, beginning with the 2-axis accelerometer built into the base box.  Our system is second to none - and our pricing will really blow you away.

      Czech-Mate Enterprises, L.L.C.warrants all products for OFF-ROAD use only. Products are guaranteed to be free from defect in material and workmanship under normal use for a periodof one year from date of purchase.

Specific details and limitations are available from our product distributors .

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