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At Czech-Mate, we believe that the more you know, the better decisions you can make for your project and your business. We will always answer your questions to the best of our knowledge, and not biased by a product “on the shelf.” We will tell you the WHY behind the WHAT, so you will have full context. If we can’t immediately answer your question, we will first tell you just that, and then do the research to find a complete answer for you. We will always be honest.

Beginning in 1994, we have designed and delivered data acquisition systems specifically for amateur motorsports enthusiasts. Our mission was to provide quality systems at an easily-affordable price so that any competitor could benefit from this simple, yet powerful, use of technology. Our Tach-Mate™ systems were entry-level, with 4 data channels and free display software. The next generation Winning Edge™ systems managed up to 16 different data channels and came with more advanced display software.

Our next product for motorsports was Trac-Mate™. This product was designed to work with ignition systems to manage tire traction. In drag racing, this was critical at each launch. In road-racing circuits and on the circle track, this provided great benefits getting in and out of every turn. Make no mistake: the driver was fully responsible to control the car or truck – but Trac-Mate™ consistently provided information and assistance for more successful laps on the track.

With Trac-Mate™, we graduated from merely collecting data via sensors and other instruments to now CONTROLLING larger systems based on that data.

On this foundation of C&I for motorsports, we migrated from repetitive production and mass sales to individual consulting.

One thing that sets us apart from other C&I designers or vendors is that we take a personal approach to everything we do. Czech-Mate does not have a warehouse of solutions ready to sell to anyone who comes along. Instead, we invest our time and energy getting to know you and your business so that we can work with you in full partnership to determine what type of C&I solution will best meet your needs. Once we have that clear idea, we design it … build it … test it … and deliver the complete solution to you.

Along with devices to capture data, or to control specific activity, we add human interfaces to make it useable. Our custom software ties it all together, and we deliver it on devices that best suit each use. These might range from the typical desktop or laptop computer to tablets or PDAs and even hand-held scanners.

And that’s not all: we stand behind our systems with a minimum warranty period of 6 full months.

Because we are confident in our work, and because that is how true partnerships function.